Planning Process

Manningham City Council's overall vision for Doncaster Hill, outlined in the Doncaster Hill Strategy (2002), endorses a coordinated design approach to Doncaster Hill that incorporates objectives of environmentally sustainable development (ESD).

Through an integrated planning process, Council deals with planning applications in an efficient manner and all the planning provisions required when applying for a planning permit are contained in the Manningham Planning Scheme. These controls represent the legal requirements for all permit applicants within Doncaster Hill.

Developers are encouraged to initially approach Council's Doncaster Hill Place Manager when planning to build on a site within the Hill. Council's Statutory Planning Unit should be consulted at the initial design stage so Council officers can work with applicants and assist where possible.

Core requirements to be addressed by all Doncaster Hill planning applications include addressing the Doncaster Hill Strategy vision and objectives, the Activity Centre Zone (ACZ1) requirements and the preparation of a Sustainability Management Plan (SMP). The SMP ensures applicants address specific sustainable design elements throughout a building’s design and life and the Strategy vision and objectives address matters such as land use, building height, setback and form.

In addition to the standard permit consideration process, developers will also be assisted by the Sustainable Design Taskforce, which provides input into development proposals within Manningham.

The Doncaster Hill Sustainability Guidelines provide direction to developers as to Council's expectations for the contents of their Sustainability Management Plan. Together with the policies in the Manningham Planning Scheme, developers can refer to the user-friendly information in the Guidelines to ensure that their proposal addresses the key performance areas.

Developers may also requested to present their proposal at a Strategic Briefing Session (SBS) to brief Councillors on their development.