Precinct 1

Precinct 1 of Doncaster Hill includes the non-residential area north of Doncaster Road between Council Street and JJ Tully Drive and includes major civic and educational facilities, such as the Manningham Civic Centre, MC² and Doncaster Primary School, as well as key historic buildings and areas of open space. It boasts spectacular views of the mountain ranges to the north and east and offers easy access to Westfield Doncaster.

Precinct 1 vision:

"The creation of a consolidated, prominent and accessible civic centre with an expanded community and education focus, with gateway presence. It will also include a major urban open space/green spine for Doncaster Hill Activity Centre residents and the wider Manningham community. It is also envisaged to incorporate strong pedestrian links to other areas of the Doncaster Hill Activity Centre and enhance the historic/arts sub-precinct."

(Manningham Planning Scheme - Clause 21.21-1)

Precinct 1 Masterplan

The Doncaster Hill Precinct 1 Masterplan guides the development of Precinct 1 over the next 20 to 30 years. The Precinct 1 Masterplan was approved by Council in February 2010, following extensive community consultation in mid-2009.

The Masterplan provides for:

  • A prominent, accessible civic hub for the whole municipality, with expanded community and education focus
  • An identified community need for new facilities and replacement of existing facilities within the Civic Precinct area
  • Balanced social environmental outcomes throughout the Doncaster Hill area
  • Strong pedestrian links to other areas within the Activities Area
  • Quality public open space for the community
  • Enhancement of the historic/arts sub-precinct.

One of the main features of the Precinct 1 masterplan is the MC² (Manningham City Square) community facility which was completed in July 2012 and comprises a range of organisations offering services and programs that focus on health, education, welfare, community, arts and heritage activities. An expanded library, art gallery, café and childcare are just some of the features of MC².