Consultation and Events

Community consultation has been an important part of the development and implementation of the Doncaster Hill Strategy. Details of consultation and information sessions are listed below.

Previous consultation and information sessions

Doncaster Rail Study community workshops

A series of community workshops were held during March 2012 on the progress of the Doncaster rail study, including the three route options being considered.

The feasibility study is investigating the possibility of extending rail services into Doncaster. Sessions were run by the Department of Transport and their study consultants and were well attended. For more information visit the Doncaster Rail Study website.

Doncaster Hill traffic and parking review information session (2011)

Manningham Council is undertaking a review of traffic and parking in Doncaster Hill to update work undertaken in a previous study in 2002 and identify any impacts on the surrounding road network due to current and potential future development.

A community information session to discuss the review in more detail and provide the opportunity for residents to ask questions was held on 29 June 2011. The Doncaster Hill Traffic and Parking Review is expected to be finalised in early 2013.

Doncaster Hill Pedestrian and Cycling Plan exhibition (2009)

The Doncaster Hill Pedestrian and Cycling Plan was placed on exhibition between June and August 2009. Council held a series of consultation sessions with the community and other key stakeholders and distributed approximately 700 brochures and feedback forms.

Feedback from this conculstation was considered for incorporation into the final plan, which was updated in February 2010. 

Precinct 1 Masterplan exhibition (2009)

The Doncaster Hill Precinct 1 Masterplan was placed on exhibition between April and June 2009. During this time Council held a series of consultation sessions with the community and with community groups and businesses and distributed approximately 1200 brochures and feedback forms.

Feedback from this consultation has been addressed and, where relevant, incorporated into the final version of the Masterplan.
Summary of survey results and consultation sessions | 40Kb

Doncaster Hill Issues Forum (2008-09)

The Doncaster Hill Issues Forum was established in February 2008 to give residents and key stakeholders the opportunity for input on issues relating to the implementation of the Doncaster Hill Strategy. Following a review at the end of the two-year term of the Issues Forum, which included a survey of members, Council resolved to discontinue the Forum in December 2009.

Results from Issues Forum review member survey | 36Kb

Meeting minutes:

Moving Forward Information Sessions (2007)

In March and April 2007 Council held a series of information sessions to update the community and other key stakeholders on the progress of the Doncaster Hill project.

Precinct 1 Community Visioning Workshop (2006)

Council held a consultation on 25 October 2006 to workshop ideas and issues raised by participants relating to Precinct 1.

Community Attitudes Study (2003)

Amendment C30 Information Session (2003)

Two information sessions were held to educate the community on the objectives of Amendment C30 in August 2003. Among issues discussed was the Development Contributions Plan, explaining the mandatory 5 per cent open space requirement, the subject of proposed land acquisitions was also raised. One of the sessions, in particular, addressed traffic issues relevant to the amendment.

Precinct 2 Information Session (2003)

Due to the extent of activity in Precinct 2 and the formation of the Doncaster Hill Residents group, three meetings were held specifically with this group. At meetings held in late 2003, residents had the opportunity to question Council officers with regard to current planning scheme amendments, permit applications, and any issues they sought clarification on.

Two workshops were held in December 2002. The session program included a presentation of the Doncaster Hill vision and general information regarding the Doncaster Hill Strategy, followed by small group discussions around the theme of social sustainability.