Open Space

The vision for Doncaster Hill is a vibrant cosmopolitan centre with a strong 'sense of place' and cafes, restaurants, urban art, shopping, entertainment and open space for residents to enjoy.

The residents of Doncaster Hill will not only enjoy the best of Doncaster’s community-focused lifestyle but a series of open space reserves integrated within the modern urban village.

The primary open space areas within Doncaster Hill include:

  • Carawatha Reserve – upgrades have included the installation of improved play equipment, a shelter, seating, tables and a barbecue, as well as landscaping works and upgraded paths
  • JW Thomson Reserve (formerly Saxon Reserve) – the reserve includes open space and play equipment such as a climbing frame, slide, swings and spinners
  • Schramms Reserve – provides recreation open space including two sporting ovals, a pedestrian and cycling path linking Doncaster Road to Ruffey Lake Park, seating, shade trees and a playground.

There is also a long term plan to develop a reserve on Hepburn Road, to provide additional open space to the residents of Doncaster Hill.

To assist in the provision of open space within Doncaster Hill, developers are required to make an open space contribution of 5 per cent of their site value with funds going towards creating new open space areas.