One of the essential elements of the vision for the Doncaster Hill Activity Centre is access for all residents and visitors to a reliable, frequent transport system. The Doncaster Hill Strategy aims to create a comprehensive network of pedestrian and cycling paths, as well as providing easy access to major public transport routes,  connecting the area the to the city and neighbouring suburbs.

Manningham is the only municipality in Victoria that does not have access to heavy rail. Council continues to advocate for Doncaster Rail and improvements to bus services and infrastruture for our residents. 

The Community Service Infrastructure Doncaster Hill - DCP Justifications Summary Report outlines the community services and facilities that will be required in the Doncaster Hill area, including transport.

Doncaster Hill Mode Shift Plan

The Doncaster Hill Mode Shift Plan 2014 was developed to encourage greater use of public transport and walking and cycling, to reduce future traffic congestion in the Hill and promote healthy outcomes for residents. The Plan recommends a number of actions, which are categorised into four main goals:

  • Walking/cycling
  • Public transport
  • Roads and parking
  • Behaviour change

As part of the Mode Shift Plan, a behaviour change plan was created following community consultation in late 2015. A pilot project in Precinct 5 (Sovereign Point Court) of Doncaster Hill is currently being developed and the approved action plan will be implemented to encourage local residents to reduce reliance on car travel, particularly for short trips in and around Doncaster Hill. For more information, download the documents below.