Completed Development

101 Tram Road (Panorama)
201 apartments
Height: 13 storey
Land area: 3113m²
Precinct: 7A

5 Elgar Court (Gardenhill)
134 apartments 
Height: 11 storey
Land Area: 2365m²
Precinct: 7A
8 Hepburn Road (8Hepburn)
67 apartments
Height: 5 storey
Land Area: 2558m²
Precinct: 2F

1 Grosvenor Street Doncaster (Pearl)

182 apartments (in one ten storey, one four storey and three three storey buildings)
Height: Up to 10 storeys
Land Area: 5300m²
Precinct: 4E


5 Sovereign Point Court (Imperial Doncaster)
93 apartments 
Height: 9 storey
Land Area: 3004m²
Precinct: 5A

20 Hepburn Road (Magnolia)
181 apartments
Height: 14 storey
Land Area: 3126m²
Precinct: 2C

88 Tram Road (88Tram)
60 apartments
Height: 8 storey
Land Area: 1466m²
Precinct 2E

MC², 687 Doncaster Road
Precinct: 1B

The MC² community hub was completed in July 2012 and is a one-stop-shop for family, community, youth services, Doncaster Library, Manningham Art Gallery and MC² Café.

Visit the MC² page for more information.

The Pinnacle, 632 Doncaster Road 
158 apartments
Height: 12 storey
Land Area: 5136m²
Precinct: 2D

The Berkeley, 14 Berkeley Street
Stage 1 - 49 apartments
Height: 7 Storey
Land Area: 3057m²
Precinct: 3A
The Berkeley, 6 Berkeley Street
Stage 2 - 67 apartments
Height: 6 storey
Land Area: 1950m²
Precinct: 3A

The Madison, 91Tram Road
83 apartments
Height: 10 storey
Land Area: 1925m²
Precinct: 7A

95 Tram Road
98 apartments
Height: 10 storey
Land Area: 2071m²
Precinct: 7A

This affordable housing project is managed by Haven (formerly Loddon Mallee Housing Services). The development includes 98 one, two and three bedroom apartments, including six apartments that have be modified for tenants with a disability. To find out more about eligibility requirements for tenants, visit Haven's website for more information.

Southpoint Apartments, 8 Clay Drive
27 apartments
Height: 8 storey
Land Area: 2209m²
Precinct: 2C


7 Berkeley Street, Doncaster
69 apartments
Height: 4 storey
Land Area: 2120m²
Precinct: 3B
Halcyon Views, 18-20 Tower Street
45 apartments
Height: 4 & 5 storeys
Land Area: 1960m²
Precinct: 3A