Investment Attraction

Supporting Local Businesses

Council works in partnership with the local business community to support local business and encourage business investment in Doncaster Hill. Council offers many valuable resources for business owners in the area, including:

  • Networking events
  • Training seminars
  • Opportunities to foster the growth of local businesses.

These seminars and events cover a variety of topics that may be useful to business operators (including home-based businesses) as well as those considering establishing a business of their own.

You can list your local business in the Manningham Business directory, a free service designed to promote your business. The directory provides information on local businesses, including type of service, location and contact details.

Visit the Manningham Business website for access to up to date business resources, events and seminars and information about services in your local shopping or business centre. Visit the Manningham Economic Profile page to find out more about the types of businesses in Manningham and the economic output of the City.

If you have any enquiries about the services offered by Manningham City Council for local businesses, please contact Council's Business and Events Coordinator on (03) 9840 9338 or email

Investment Attraction

The Doncaster Hill Activity Centre is well on the way to being a sustainable mixed-use, high-density urban village that will accommodate more than 10,000  residents in 5400 apartments and create 10,000 new jobs over the next 20 years. 

Activity centres are focal points for the delivery of services to their catchment communities. They also offer the opportunity to attract private sector investment, bringing more jobs to a local area. Council has estimated demand for housing and for retail and commercial activities within Doncaster Hill and is keen to attract investment to the the area. 

The area has changed considerably and the long term vision for Doncaster Hill to become a truly mixed-use and vibrant centre is taking shape. However, a need has been identified to better understand and plan for employment-generating uses outside of the main shopping centre, Westfield Doncaster, to support economic, employment and land use diversity.

In 2011 an Investment Attraction Strategy was developed for Doncaster Hill and a number of actions have been progressed to date. The aim of the strategy is to determine what type and scale of retail and commercial activity would be compatible and commercially feasible in Doncaster Hill. The Strategy's action plan includes: 

  1. Local activity nodes: Establish local activity nodes suitable for cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, banks and similar services.
  2. Office and showroom complexes on main roads: Establish large scale and high amenity showrooms and offices along main road corridors in accordance with the Doncaster Hill Strategy.
  3. Anchor institutions and businesses: Proactively seek out investment opportunities and attract at least two anchor institutions to Doncaster Hill over the next five years. Targets are large scale office based business or government department and/or hospital or tertiary education campus.
  4. Marketing material strategy: Modify existing and develop new marketing material to incorporate actions of this strategy, potentially using the theme 'Business investment in Doncaster Hill'.
  5. Transport infrastructure investment: Promote delivery of transport projects that improve accessibility and amenity such as the Doncaster to CBD rail link, improvements to bus infrastructure and services and reduced traffic speeds in the Activity Centre to give effect to boulevard objectives of the Doncaster Hill Strategy and local pedestrian and cycling projects.
  6. Encourage home-based and small business formation: Promote Doncaster Hill as a location for home-based and small businesses. 

Download the Investment Attraction Strategy below.