Traffic and Parking

The Doncaster Hill Parking Precinct Plan establishes the most efficient way for future expected car parking demands to be accommodated within Doncaster Hill, including the stipulation of car parking requirements for key land uses within the Hill.

The Doncaster Hill Parking Precinct Plan refers to the findings of the Doncaster Hill Parking Study and the 'Doncaster Hill Parking Study - Technical Report' which has assessed the expected future car parking requirements of Doncaster Hill and the way in which these requirements can most effectively be managed.

Parking and Traffic Management Review

GTA Consultants, on behalf of Manningham Council, undertook a review of parking and traffic management in Doncaster Hill in 2010/11 to update work previously undertaken in 2002 and to identify potential impacts on the surrounding road network due to current and future development.

Since 2002 a number of significant developments have been constructed, and with a range of other exciting projects planned for the Hill, it is anticipated that further development will occur progressively over the next 10 to 20 years.

Land use forecasts were developed and informed the modelling work undertaken, in line with the Victorian Integrated Transport Model (VITM). An audit of car parking utilisation at completed developments and pedestrian counts were also undertaken. 

Further work will be undertaken to assess the existing transport infrastructure requirements in the Doncaster Hill Development Contributions Plan review in 2014.