Smart Energy Zone

Smart Energy Zones demonstrate how communities can cut their greenhouse emissions by generating energy locally through a precinct-based solution such as distrcit energy, trigeneration or cogeneration. 

The vision for Doncaster Hill's Smart Energy Zone is to create an internationally recognised urban environment that embraces total sustainability in terms of energy, water, transport, built environment and landscaping.

Substantial Federal and State funding has supported the delivery of a leading redevelopment of the Doncaster Hill Civic Precinct, incorporating the principles of a Smart Energy Zone and Water Sensitive City.

The MC² (Manningham City Square) building, a major community facility in Doncaster Hill, has been designed to 5-star Green Star standard. The main feature of the Doncaster Hill Smart Energy Zone is an energy efficient trigeneration facility in MC² which supplies heating, cooling and power to the building.

The Doncaster Hill Smart Energy Zone Memorandum of Understanding with United Energy is a significant step forward in finding alternatives to traditional energy infrastructure solutions that can:

  • Significantly reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Increase the physical resilience of infrastructure, and
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of energy generation and consumption.

A Smart Energy Zone could include:

  • Local energy generation, including trigeneration and small scale renewables
  • Microgrids for distributing electricity, heating and cooling
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Smart meters
  • Energy storage, and
  • Innovative electricity tariffs.

District Energy Services Study

Manningham Council has been working with United Energy to explore the different ways that energy services could be delivered within Doncaster Hill.

Research undertaken both nationally and internationally has highlighted examples of district energy services which combine electricity generation with the potential to heat and cool buildings.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding between Council and United Energy, Council is exploring whether a district energy services approach can work for Doncaster Hill. Through an expression of interest process, two commercial providers were appointed in July 2012 to undertake independent feasibility studies that were tailored to the Doncaster Hill area.

The aim of the study is to reduce greenhouse emissions while increasing the physical resilience of infrastructure and generating as much alternative and renewable energy within Doncaster Hill as possible.

In August 2013, Council announced COFELY Australia as the preferred provider for District Energy Services for the Doncaster Hill Activities Centre. The proposed district energy system by COFELY Australia (a subsidiary of the multinational utility company GDF SUEZ) could result in a $27 million dollar infrastructure investment to establish an insulated pipe network within Doncaster Hill and has major advantages for customers and the environment. An MoU with Cefely was developed and signed on 14 July 2014.

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