Water Initiatives

In 2008 Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Yarra Valley Water and Melbourne Water to investigate ways to secure a sustainable future water supply to the Doncaster Hill Activity Centre.

Yarra Valley Water is currently undertaking a project that will see Doncaster Hill become the first Activity Centre in Melbourne to implement a recycled water program that will give residents of new apartments within the Hill (and the Tullamore Estate) access to Class A recycled water from a treatment plant.

It will be the first time a system and treatment plant have been introduced into an established urban setting, and the project will put Doncaster Hill at the forefront of sustainable water solutions.

Guidelines have been developed to provide certainty for developers seeking approval and improve the environmental credentials of future development in Doncaster Hill. 

Doncaster Hill Water Plan Information Pack (DHWIP)

Council has developed a Doncaster Hill Water Information Pack to provide further guidance on the options that developers have to implement sustainable water management solutions for their development. It complies with Council's environmental and engineering requirements and complement the provision of recycled water by Yarra Valley Water.

The DHWIP offers a number of different strategies that a development can employ to better manage stormwater within their development footprint, as well as providing design guidance, tips on where more information can be found and a number of visual examples of what is possible through considered and integrated design.

Doncaster Hill Recycled Water Project

Doncaster Hill is the first Activities Area in Melbourne to introduce an innovative project to make recycled water available for future residents of the Hill via a third 'purple pipe'. The project will allow residents of new apartments in Doncaster Hill being able to access Class A recycled water from a treatment plant for a range of uses, including toilet, laundry and outdoor use.

In September 2017, Yarra Valley Water selected five potential sites for a treatment plant, appointed an Independent Panel and undertook community consultation to determine the most appropriate location for the proposed infrastructure. Further investigation into the feasubility of the preferred location at Eram Park is currently underway by Yarra Valley Water. To find out more, visit www.yvw.com.au/faults-works/planned-works/works-my-area/doncaster-hill-recycled-water-project

Yarra Valley Water is working with Council to develop consistent guidelines which will provide certainty for developers seeking approval, while at the same time improving the environmental credentials of future development in Doncaster Hill.

Download the documents below for more information on recycled water requirements.