Doncaster Hill Strategy

The Doncaster Hill Strategy 2002 (revised 2004) provides an integrated planning approach to the creation of a sustainable, contemporary mixed use centre, comprising apartment style living, retail, commercial, social, community and entertainment options.

The 20-year Strategy aims to protect the non-urban areas and green spaces of Manningham by concentrating development in areas with easy access to transport, community services, shopping and open space. 

The Doncaster Hill planning provisions have been translated into the Manningham Planning Scheme to provide statutory weight to the planning objectives for the Hill. 

The Strategy was developed through extensive community consultation and is based objectives that promote environmental, economic and social benefits for the community. The Doncaster Hill Strategy 2002 (revised 2004) guides the nature of development in the Doncaster Hill Major Activity Centre and outlines the planning vision for the Hill.