There are seven development precincts identified within Doncaster Hill, each with a unique character and planning vision, which together form the basis of an integrated urban village.

Each of the precincts has been identified for its orientation and aspect, relationship to main roads and current and future land uses. Each precinct has a distinctive set of urban design guidelines which provide guidance for the mix of uses and building scale and character to create a sense of identity within the Doncaster Hill Activity Centre.

  • Precinct 1 includes the non-residential area north of Doncaster Road between Council Street and JJ Tully Drive. This precinct includes major civic and educational facilities, such as the MC² (Manningham City Square), the Manningham Civic Centre and Doncaster Primary School, as well as key historic buildings and open space areas. It boasts spectacular views of the mountain ranges to the north and east and offers easy access to Westfield Doncaster. It incorporates an urban plaza, Doncaster Bowls Club and Doncaster Primary School. 

  • Precinct 2 is located on the south side of Doncaster Road and includes the area between Tram Road, Doncaster Road, Frederick Street, Merlin Street and Hepburn Road. It is the centre of contemporary residential development, offering impressive 360-degree views to the mountain ranges and CBD. The site is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the vibrant street front, with its north-facing aspect catering for cafes, restaurants and outdoor eating. 

  • Precinct 3 includes the area north of Doncaster Road and south of Goodson Street, between Tower and Council Streets. It is the interface between Westfield Doncaster and the major civic and educational facilities of Precinct 1. It will feature stylish laneways and streets, serviced by cafes/restaurants in close proximity to Westfield. 

  • Precinct 4 includes the area north of Doncaster Road, east of Williamsons Road, south of Westfield Drive and west of Tower Street and features Westfield Doncaster. Westfield is a major regional shopping centre that is a vibrant and integral part of Doncaster Hill, with exciting new shops/restaurants, inviting street frontages, improved public transport facilities and accessibility to neighbouring precincts.

  • Precinct 5 includes properties abutting Williamsons Road, on the west side between Sovereign Point Court and Doncaster Road and features existing high-density residential developments. It also includes Doncaster Shoppingtown Hotel and areas of open space to the south. Future high-density development will be focused along Williamsons Road to capitalise on the outstanding views, with smaller scale development sloping down the hill to the west.

  • Precinct 6 includes the area north of Doncaster Road between the Eastern Golf Course and Carnarvon Street, up to and including the properties on both sides of Firth Street. This precinct defines the western edge of Doncaster Hill and offers easy access to the Eastern Freeway. Currently this precinct has a strong commercial/light industrial character. The vision is to create a mixed-use village, with medium density commercial development giving way to medium density housing towards the rear of the precinct. 

  • Precinct 7 includes the area south of Doncaster Road and north of Carawatha Road, between Rose Street and the restaurant at 534 Doncaster Road, and includes the area south of Doncaster Road between Rose Street and Tram Road. Together with Precinct 6, this area forms the major gateway to Doncaster Hill from the Melbourne CBD, and will incorporate a mix of smaller scale residential, commercial and retail facilities.

In addition to the seven precincts, the intersection of Doncaster, Williamsons and Tram Road is identified as a distinctive 'gateway' location which will have increased pedestrian safety and amenity and a future iconic artwork which defines its significance as the physical centre of the Doncaster Hill Activity Centre.