Council seeks clarification on Principal Activity Centre planning changes

22 May 2008

Manningham Council is carefully assessing the initiative announced on 21 May by the State Government to implement joint Local and State Government Development Assessment Committees to make planning decisions on key projects, in line with the Melbourne 2030 vision.

Doncaster Hill has been selected as one of the five Principal Activity Centres to be included in the roll-out of the new initiative. Council has been implementing the Doncaster Hill Strategy since 2002, which is consistent with Melbourne 2030.

"Council needs to be fully briefed on the details of the State Government's intiative to thoroughly understand the new structure/system, and what the changes will potentially mean for planning and development in Doncaster Hill, and will then be in a position to provide fully-informed comment on the initiative," said Manningham Mayor, Cr Geoff Gough.