Funding secured for Heritage Soundpost project

2 Dec 2009

Manningham City Council has secured $37,727 in funding from the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, as part of the Australian Federal Government Jobs Fund for the Doncaster Hill Heritage Soundposts and Brochure project.

The funding is for the development and installation of a number of sign posts with an audio functionality, as well as the development of a brochure, to promote and enhance the rich heritage past of Doncaster Hill, within the context of an evolving Principal Activity Centre.

The project will be similar to the Warrandyte Gold Soundscape Trail, located in the historic Warrandyte township.

At this stage, three sites have been nominated for the installation of soundposts:

  • Doncaster Primary School;
  • Doncaster Playhouse; and
  • Doncaster Church of Christ.

Subject to securing additional funding being received from other organisations, an additional soundpost may be installed or least one the initial soundposts enhanced with emerging technology.
Council has discussed working with Box Hill Institute to provide assistance with the recording of audio information for each soundpost, further reinforcing the Memorandum of Understanding between Council and Box Hill Institute.