New virtual model offers a view to the future

21 Jan 2011

An updated virtual model tour of the Doncaster Hill of the future is now available online. The model, developed by Council's GIS/GPS Unit, was first unveiled at the Doncaster Hill On the Rise Developer Expo, and was one of the most popular features of the exhibition.

Developers of various projects in the Doncaster Hill Activity Centre have provided 3D building models, allowing this planning tool to give an indication as to what the future Doncaster Hill will look like. The model has been generated from direct data to ensure accuracy and scale. As new data becomes available and new projects are approved the it will be able to be updated.

The series of online videos provide a flythrough of Doncaster Hill, giving an indication of what the area will look like following the completion of major projects such as the Civic Precinct Community Hub and the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Virtual Reality modelling has been used extensively in the development of the Doncaster Hill Strategy to help planners determine the most appropriate building heights and building envelopes for the various precincts, and allow them to assess the suitability of locations for open space areas, pedestrian links and plazas. This modelling allows for better assessment of the suitability of a proposal and its impact on the surrounding precinct.