Say YES to Doncaster Rail

19 Nov 2012

Manningham community, business and transport industry group members are joining forces with Manningham Council to step up advocacy for Doncaster Rail. Working through the Manningham Doncaster Rail Advocacy Campaign Steering Committee, the group is strongly advocating to the State Government to complete the Doncaster Rail Link as an essential transport infrastructure project for Victoria and further advocating that this project must take priority over road-based infrastructure projects, such as the proposed East-West Road Link.

Manningham Council is also working with other likely impacted councils - Maroondah, Whitehorse, Boroondarah, Yarra and Banyule to jointly lobby the Department of Transport and their Doncaster Rail Feasibility Study consultants, URS, on the importance and benefits of a Doncaster Rail for the eastern region, compared to the proposed East-West Road Tunnel tollway.

A Curtin University study, commissioned by the group of councils, estimate a railway line to Doncaster could be built for $840 million, compared to an estimated cost of $5 to $9 billion for the proposed tollway. The Local Government Group agrees that even if the cost of building a rail line to Doncaster was increased three or four fold, it would still pose a stronger business case than the toll road proposal.

For more information on Doncaster Rail advocacy and how you can get involved, see