Tell Us What Matters in Manningham Council's Local Law

29 Jan 2013

Manningham Council has reviewed its current local law and is inviting residents to tell us what matters.

Previously, Manningham’s General Law 2003, Public Health Law 2003 and Doncaster Hill Law 2007 were three separate laws. The recent review proposes to merge the three into one and call it Manningham’s Community Local Law 2013.

Council’s wide-ranging law covers areas including;

  • Use of public places
  • Environmental amenity
  • Land management plans
  • Protection of Council land and assets 
  • Keeping of animals
  • Permits and
  • Enforcement.

Manningham Mayor, Councillor Jennifer Yang said the proposed Community Local Law 2013 complements Manningham’s Generation 2030 community plan.

“It has been created to encourage and promote community connectedness and belonging; provide and encourage a safe, healthy and accessible Manningham and to improve the quality of Manningham’s buildings and streetscapes.

“There are many other reasons as to why a local law is important for our residents, businesses and visitors including encouraging and supporting community, sporting and other recreation-based community groups, and protecting the cultural heritage and natural environment of Manningham.

”We are asking the public to let us know whether anything needs to be removed, modified or added from our proposed Community Local Law 2013 and the consultation closes on 1 March.”

The draft Manningham’s Community Local Law 2013 has a number of amendments and improvements to the previous documents, including additional, modified and deleted rules.

The substantive changes are:

  • Modified open air burning rules
  • The management of environmental weeds on private land
  • Microchipping of horses
  • Including additional restrictions regarding the consumption of liquor in public places, under delegation
  • The management of drainage on private land
  • The topping up of bonds
  • Modifications to the rules which relate to small animals, a sheep or goat, allowing permission to keep on smaller allotments of land
  • Higher penalties for Corporations.

The public are able to make a comment on the document from 29 January with submissions closing on 1 March through Council’s consultation website; or in writing to Local Laws Unit, Manningham Council, PO Box 1, Doncaster, Victoria, 3108.

The proposed Manningham’s Community Local Law 2013, together with Council’s Local Laws Community Impact Statement, can be viewed at

Alternatively, copies of both documents are available from Council’s Municipal Offices, at 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, Victoria.

A public meeting will also be held at the Municipal Offices on Thursday 21 February at 7.00 pm to discuss the proposed Local Law.

Anyone who is affected by the proposed Local Law is welcome to attend the meeting to raise their issues with Council officers and can also lodge a submission.

Anyone who wants their submission heard may appear in person, or be represented by a person specified in the submission, before a Special Committee of Council between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm on Monday 18 March, 2013 at Council’s Municipal Offices.

Once the submissions have been heard, the proposed Community Local Law 2013 where appropriate will be amended accordingly.

For further information please call Manningham Council on 9840 9333.