Underpass closes for upgrade to commence

24 Oct 2007

The Doncaster Hill Pedestrian Underpass, located under Doncaster Road between Precinct 1 and Precinct 2, has closed for four weeks as part of the early stages of its upgrade. The improvement works are being jointly funded by Council and the State Government through its Local Area Access Program (LAAP).

Work on the underpass will provide continuity to the Doncaster Hill Boulevard and Public Art Fence on Doncaster Road, which was completed earlier this year, and will create a brighter, safer and more attractive space that will encourage greater usage.

The upgrade of the underpass is part of a series of projects to improve pedestrian accessibility on Doncaster Hill, which also includes the Boulevard and Public Art Fence, and plans to improve pedestrian and cycling access between Precinct 1 and Westfield Doncaster, which also recently received funding through LAAP.