Water Information Pack to help guide sustainable development

19 May 2011

Manningham City Council has prepared a Doncaster Hill Water Information Pack that provides guidance to developers on the available options for implementing sustainable water management solutions for their proposals. This tool complies with Council's environmental and engineering requirements, and complements the provision of recycled water by Yarra Valley Water.

The DHWIP offers a number of different strategies that a development can employ to better manage stormwater within their development footprint, as well as providing some 'rule of thumb' design guidance, tips on where more information can be found and a number of visual examples of what is possible through considered and integrated design.

Water usage on the Hill is a central part of the sustainability focus for all development, and a number of initiatives are being implemented, including the installation of third pipes in current and future developments to make Class A recycled water available to residents for non-drinking purposes - a first for among Melbourne Activity Centres.

In 2008 Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Yarra Valley Water and Melbourne Water, and have since completed an integrated water servicing study for Doncaster Hill.