Westfield Doncaster Update

5 Sep 2006

Enabling works have commenced on site at Westfield Doncaster located at Doncaster Hill, which will see the following works being undertaken prior to the proposed redevelopment of the shopping centre:

  • The demolition of the former Village cinema structure which will make way for a proposed multi-deck carpark in the future;
  • The placement of high-voltage power cables from the Eastern Freeway to the Westfield Doncaster site;
  • The demolition of dwellings on the western side of Tower Street;
  • The closure of Tower Street later in the year;
  • The relocation of selected palm trees along the Williamsons Road frontage which will eventually be returned once the proposed redevelopment is complete; and
  • The relocation of the Taxi Rank to a site adjacent to the Bus Interchange.

Minimal disruption is anticipated at the Centre in the months leading up to Christmas and its business as usual at Wesfield Doncaster.

As part of the Doncaster Hill project, the approved plans for the redevelopment anticipate that Westfield Doncaster will become the first retail centre in Australia to commit to high standards of environmentally friendly design and practices. The benefits include less waste, energy and water use, and a more pleasant environment for people to enjoy with less toxic materials, better natural ventilation and light access.

More news on the exciting proposed redevelopment of the Centre is anticipated later this year. More details on the exciting proposed revitalisation of the Centre are expected later this year.