Westfield works update

11 Oct 2006

Enabling works at Westfield Doncaster on Doncaster Hill are progressing well in preparation for the proposed commencement of the revitalisation of the shopping centre early in 2007.
Sites on the west side of adjacent Tower Street (Doncaster Road end) have been cleared and Tower Street is now closed to through traffic between Doncaster Road and Berkeley St. Centre carpark access from the southeast is available via Council and Goodson Sts.

Other changes for Centre users include the relocation of the Australia Post private post boxes beside the bus interchange entrance. Marked short-stay car parking nearby enables easy access to the post boxes.
The Post Office now is located on ground level in the mall opposite Angus & Robertson.

Further to previous news on the Westfield redevelopment:

  • Works continue to create new power substations and to enable the planned placement on-site next month of underground high-voltage power supply cables
  • The taxi rank is now located beside the bus interchange
  • The temporary relocation of selected mature palm trees from the Williamsons Road frontage will occur in coming weeks. The trees will be replanted once the proposed project is complete.

Centre Manager Stephen Blanch said Westfield appreciates everyone’s patience while works proceed at the shopping centre. His aim is for changes and disruption to be kept to a minimum in the lead up to Christmas to ensure it’s ‘business as usual’ at Westfield Doncaster.

As part of the Doncaster Hill project, the approved plans anticipate that Westfield Doncaster will become the first major retail centre in Australia to commit to high standards of environmentally friendly design and practices. The benefits include less waste, energy and water use, a more pleasant environment for people to enjoy with less toxic materials, better natural ventilation and light access.

More details on the exciting proposed revitalisation of the Centre are expected later this year.